What We Do

Gut and Surgical Care Services offers solutions for multiple Theatre Specialities, Endoscopy Services and Outpatient Clinics.
We work closely with NHS Trusts and offer efficient and effective resources to run endoscopy sessions and out patient clinics often below tariff rates at high standards.
We are registered with the NHS supply chain and are compliant with the national framework agreements and contracts.
Only JAG approved NHS consultants and Endoscopists and experienced nurses are registered with Gutcare.
Our OutPatient Team headed by a consultant will perform initial consultation and follow up after investigations to provide continuity. Weekdays, weekends and twilights sessions can be arranged. Our NHS Trusts partners support with own administrative services thus making this ’insourcing’. This model of service maintain smooth running of gastroenterology patient pathways without stretching the existing hospital staff. Our team integrates well with the hospital teams to ensure the best experience for patients. Patient safety is our main priority!

Services All Across the UK

Our consultants and nurses hold substantive NHS posts or are currently working in the NHS hospitals at high levels. Gutcare take extreme care to ensure that our consultants completed their annual mandatory training, appraisal and hold relevant occupational health approval from their respective hospitals. CRB checks are essential for working with Gutcare.
Similarly our nurses are all fully qualified with endoscopy, recovery and out patient experience. They go through rigorous vetting checks before registering with Gutcare.
Our service is fully insured for employers’ liability and business professional indemnity


Directors Statement

"I have been performing Endoscopy for the past 25 years and am currently working in one of the busiest hospitals in London. Throughout these years I have known similar consultants like me who work very hard every day to cope with the demand in the NHS. I had to think of a strategy to bring down the waiting times and hardships on the patient. There is also opportunity to maximise the utilisation of endoscopy rooms in hospitals
So I worked up a team of like-minded individuals and strategized on using resources from places devoid of target pressures and brought them under one umbrella GUTCARE, so that we could use these expert resources for solving the waiting times and lists at places under severe pressure.
In one year, we grew to strength of over 40 employees and are still growing. We strategize on minimizing use of heavy management resources and enhancing high clinical excellence to maintain top quality. We ensure Top quality services for "GOOD Value for Money" tariff rates for hospitals.
We aim to dissipate this idea and the company to more hospitals and trusts in the future and work with them towards bringing down the WAITING TIME crisis of the NHS while ensuring Highest Quality Standards for Nominal Competitive Tariffs." - Prem Premchand