The Services we provide are:

Endoscopy and Gastroenterology - led by Dr Prem Premchand FRCP

Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
Gastroenterology clinics
Bowel Cancer Screening services

General Surgery - led by Mr Joseph Huang FRCS

Colorectal services
Breast services ( inc Mammography)
Vascular services
Upper GI

Urology - Services led by Mr Gopal Nair FRCS

General urology clinics
Flexible cystoscopy diagnostic and surveillance

Ophthalmology - Services are led by Mr Joe Karthikappallil FRCS

General ophthalmology clinics
Glaucoma clinics
Retinal clinics
YAG laser clinics
Pre op Cataract clinics
Cataract surgery
Post cataract clinics

ENT - Services are led by Mr Srinivasa Rao Merugumala FRCS

General ENT clinics
Audiology clinics
Rhinology clinics
Head and Neck clinic
Voice clinic
Dizziness clinic
Flexible nasal endoscopy

Gynaecology - Services led by Miss Sahana Gupta MRCOG

General gynaecology clinics


Theatre Services

Gut and Surgical Care Services has been supplying Theatre nurses, Scrub nurses, ODPs/Anaesthetic , recovery nurses, day ward nurses, HCA's and Pre-Operative nurses. In addition we can supply anaesthetists and Consultants with all surgical subspecialties across the country through our Insourcing model We have been successfully assisting NHS hospitals in working with them in order to relieve the pressure on their waiting lists which have been impacted over the last 12 months. Our business model attracts experienced theatre staff which puts us and our clients in a leveraging position to be able to deliver the most highly skilled theatre services in the industry Our clinical team allows our clients and candidates to get all their needs/queries attended and resolved quickly. Whether you are looking for midweek or weekends , we are here to assist. Why choose Gut and surgical care services as your Insourcing provider?

We offer tailored packages according to your requirements, we can offer just nurses or a full team, we can be selective to suit your needs. ·

Where possible we use the same pool of staff to maintain continuity and efficiency. ·

Our contracts are available at variable periods of time to suit the needs of the trust. · All our SLA are exempt from VAT. ·

We will take ownership of the contract and service it under one umbrella. With one point of contact for fluidity and continuity. ·

We supply a team, if they are finished early and assistance is needed elsewhere they will do that and cover whatever is needed. ·

We supply a full team that work cohesively together rather than separate individuals who work independently.

We ensure top quality services & adhere to strict compliance by using ONLY

Experienced JAG accredited endoscopists
Experienced endoscopy nurses
Experienced nurse endoscopists
Experienced endoscopy HCA’s

We Take Extra Care

Full endoscopy teams per day
Weekdays and weekend lists cover
Experienced gastro intestinal radiologists
Gastroenterolgy clinic consultations (new and follow ups)